About Raf Astor


Raf Astor is considered a torchbearer in the new era of Latin Music he was exposed early on to the complex natures of jazz, classical, and world music studying various guitar styles. Raf mastered various guitar styles , and his playing rapidly gravitated towards the world of Latin Music compositions.
Raf Astor is a musician’s musician, and is well respected among Latin music’s finest. Some of New York’s greatest talents perform and record with Raf: John Walsh – lead trumpet player with Tito Puente, Gene Perez – bassist with Willie Colon and other Salsa greats, Joe Gonzalez – percussionist featured in the movie “Calle 54,” , legendary timbalero Jimmy Delgado; Edy Martinez-pianist and one of the developers of Latin jazz, phenomenal bassist’s Leo Traversa and Hans Glawischnig, and conga player Chembo Corniel are all featured on this latest CD “Sin Mas Excusas” .
Raf was chosen to score the climactic dance scene between Pearce Brosnan and Rene Russo in the major film remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. He has headlined events prestigious venues such as the Guggenheim Museum and Lincoln Center , he has appeared on Fox Television’s Good Morning New York and done multiple charity events and supports The Change For Kids charity in particular.
Raf and his band evocatively blend rumba and flamenco grooves, Salsa rhythms, and beautiful Latino melodies with ‘Afro-NewYorican’ spirit, and in addition this release includes a few tracks that weave a more hypnotic and soft sycopated web of guitar color and soft percussive bliss.

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